A Chri$tma$ Day Lamentation

A Chri$tma$ Day Lamentation

By Red Dog

For Baby Ali Dawabshe and all dead Palestinian and refugee babies that no longer can cry.

“I thought I heard a baby cry this morning, I though I heard a baby cry today.” — Seventeen words taken from the song Morning Dew by Bonnie Dobson.

Dead babies face down sink in ice capped seas
A watery grave site for their strawless mangers
Buried ashore in vinyl trash bags
Like driftwood garbage abandoned by strangers

Their shallow trench tombs unmarked in the sands
No headstones no rituals not even dog tags
They died without names fleeing war-cursed lands
They died unnamed fleeing blood-soaked hands

The Pious keep shopping throughout Christmas Day
No Christ Child allowed in Santa Claus Malls
Replaced by toy baby dolls burned or drowned
Floating face down in tempest-whipped seas

Babies burned alive like dried yuletide trees
By merciless Zionists was young Ali’s fate
Decades since holocaust babies burned too
By merciless Nazis inside Auschwitz’ gates

Waiting for peace and good will to ordain
Each Christmas for two thousand years
A Palestine mother screams her dead baby’s name
And mourns the lost child with her tears

Liberty’s Statue stands unlit and ashamed
No sanctuary here, America’s closed she explained

No beacons for migrants who strive to be free
While their dead babies drown
Floating face down
Bobbing like corks in the sea.

A Mother’s last lamentation:

“I thought I heard a baby cry this morning
I thought I heard my baby cry today”

A baby boy was buried in Duma this morning
I buried my baby Ali in Duma today.

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