A Figure of the Crafticism Movement

A Figure of the Crafticism Movement

Carrie Reichardt

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Famous for her continuing work in activism, an artist Carrie Reichardt takes interest in the social, economic and political issues that range from unjust imprisonment and death penalty to new colonial wars. A figurehead of the Craftivism movement that joins craft and activism, she feels that voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger. An essentially anti-industrial art movement that first appeared in the 1960s, it combined crafts as a field perceived as ‘women’s hobbies’ with Western feminist theory and practice. Being involved in community and public art projects for over 15 years, she uses murals, mosaic and screen-printing to create intricate, highly politicized works of art. After communicating extensively with political prisoners, she has fought for convicts on death row throughout her life influencing her art greatly. Some of her latest pieces include The Milan Elephant Parade inspired by the revolutionary spirit spreading across the world and conveying messages about the end of capitalism as the only answer, and Mary Bamber, a life-sized ceramic-adorned figure of this famed revolutionary socialist.

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