Community-Supported Art (CSA)

Community-Supported Art (CSA)

David Rovics

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People don’t buy physical recordings much anymore, and most people rarely pay to download anything.  Mostly people get their music via streaming services these days — which is great for exposure, but terrible in terms of paying artists anything meaningful.

This situation has created a crisis for artists, many of whom have been unable to continue recording, touring, etc.  Those of us who still manage to make ends meet are either getting millions of streams on a monthly basis (pop stars and some others) or we have successfully adopted the paid subscription model of survival, in the tradition of community radio stations and small farmers throughout the US and elsewhere.

So in a nutshell, you sign up through one of the “Subscribe” buttons below to be billed annually or monthly via PayPal, and you become a member of my CSA of one sort or another.  What you get in return is my undying gratitude, plus the other rewards described below…

The preferred method for you to join my CSA is through one of the buttons below, but if you don’t like PayPal, you can also join or by sending a check (and an explanatory note that includes your email and mailing addresses) in the mail to me once a year at PO Box 86805, Portland, Oregon 97286 (US).


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