Grandmother Regina Brave Fund

Grandmother Regina Brave Fund

Activists with Standing Rock Sioux

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Grandmother Regina Brave has been compared to Rosa Parks when it comes to her place in the resistence of The Water Protectors praying and holding space to block the pipeline in North Dakota. After the eviction date of February 22nd, 2017 at the Cheyenne River North Encampment at Oceti Sakowin near Cannon Ball, ND, her camp was raided on February 23rd, and arrests were made. Grandmother, taking a Treaty Stand, resisted arrest (passive resistence) and was dragged off to jail. The camp community, and beyond, called her The Grandmother Who Resisted, living up to her name, “Brave.”

Even though Grandmother Regina Brave was not formally charged, she lost all of her belongings (except for a Navy Flag that was recently gifted to her from The Veteran Protectors and the clothes on her back when she was taken to jail) as the camp was demolished after the arrests were made. At this time, we are collecting funds for Grandmother who is now in need of clothing, food, lodging and a reliable vehicle for safe passage.

Grandmother’s Strong and Dedicated Passive Resistence against the destruction of Mother Earth through the relentless construction of the pipeline/s, is a symbol for the world to stand strong in support of our Mother Provider. Grandmother’s courage is strong; her needs are many. We ask for your support which will all go directly to her immediate needs and beyond.

The world needs her message. Please help.

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