Gallery: Nobody For President

Thanks to Sharon Paltin, M.D. (Sharon-Sharealike)

for Providing Most of These Historic Photos

One of the projects of the Hog Farm in Laytonville, CA.

From Sharon:
“Wavy Gravy, as many know, is Nobody’s Fool, and helped Nobody run for President several times, 1980, 1984, and 1988.
Our fearless leader was represented during speeches by a pair of wind up clicking teeth on a pillow. I enjoyed being Nobody’s bodyguard (fraught with responsibility), and we toured the country with a band in an old OM bus, the Nobody One. Our campaign slogans included: Who’s working for you in Washington right now? Nobody! Who should have that much power? Nobody! Who’s perfect? Nobody! Who makes apple pie better than Mom? Nobody. Etc.”

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