Rants and Rolls

Rants and Rolls

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The weather is finally warm enough to start wearing shorts for many people. It has been a long cold/cool winter and spring so far. And I mowed the lawn! Spring is usually the best time of the year for me. New everything. This planet earth is quite amazing. And this morning I watched a little bit of CSPAN as they filmed a few “climate change” adherents dancing on the grass in Washington DC. Impressive moves and the music was interesting as well. But not many there.

It seems we have been subject to protests everyday since the November election of Donald Trump. And I think the people are getting worn out watching the great unwashed tearing up and burning down the things we all built. The visceral hate of everything Trump is not healthy. Everyday I read another series of attacks on all the proposals and ideas the man puts forth. Is there not one thing he does that the left and the liberals can agree with? Looks like the answer is NOPE!.

American’s of goodwill are now having to watch as idiots on the left try and stop people from their free speech rights. All across the country faculty and their students at colleges keep those they disagree with from speaking at forums where free speech used to be rampant. And they stop the speech with threats of violence and in some cases actual violence. And these idiots tell us they are for free speech. I think they were given too much Ritalin as children as they have no idea of their actions. Maybe they think they will get a trophy for showing up?

And the Federal democrats in Congress are the worst. Senate democrats led by the clueless Chuck Schumer are wearing out their welcome. The Republicans had to institute a rule change to get Neil Gorsuch approved for the Supreme Court. The “rule” in my view should be a simple majority for everything voted on in the Senate. 60 votes is not possible when the democrats are so partisan they can’t even agree to the toilet paper in the men’s room. So Mitch McConnell needs to get busy and change the rules back to a simple majority. I see the 60 vote threshold as some sort of feel good action. It makes everyone think there is bipartisanship when there isn’t. And the threshold is used for a excuse to stop anything and that is what happens.

The House passes something and it goes to the Senate and the excuse is “can’t get 60 votes” so it dies. America needs action. This inaction and excuse making is truly not American. And it is not democratic. The nation is evenly split politically so we need to adjust. Trump’s agenda gets bogged down in the Congress and we have the votes! So you know the system is broken. The mess of getting rid of ObamaCare is the biggest example so far. How can we expect 60 votes when 8 of them would be from those that supported it wholeheartedly? You can’t. But it is a excuse for inaction based on fear I guess.

The Sacramento Bee had a submitted article by a David Masumoto Sunday. It was titled “To Resist Trump look back to the 60’s and 70’s.” The hero for this democrat pawn is Alinsky. And of course the article whitewashed the extremes Alinsky professed for attacking the political system. I read the screed and shook my head that a grown man like Masumoto would even think like that. And what is he protesting? I could not make that out. Just protest the “man” I guess. Just like the anarchist’s during the democrat convention in 1968. At least those people were against a war and the draft. In Masumoto’s case I guess he is against Trump trying to create jobs and help the economy. Not enough free stuff I guess.

Then we have a Editorial by the Bee that comes across as unhinged. Now these lovelies in charge of our information here in California are all about regulations and supporting the crazy stuff coming out of the “kiddee dome” of Sacramento. There is no law raising taxes or fees they don’t like. Every regulation gives these editors a chance for a orgasm. Government control of everything seems to be their goal. And so when Trump has some ideas to loosen up things for the people and jobs, these editors go apoplectic. The juxtaposition of state to federal is clear. State dictatorship is good in government, federal majorities in DC, not so good. These editors should quit the news business as they are simply mouthpieces for the democrats and their “super-majority. The Bee is a disgrace to the people who protect their “free press” rights.

The Washington Post did a expose’ on Breibart News as well. On page A9 the authors are all about trying to delegitimize Breibart. They have all kinds of conspiracy ideas (Steve Bannon) and now they see the Breitbart crew over in Europe and involved in the French and German elections. These WAPO authors give Breitbart credit for Brexit! Then in the next paragraph say they are a big nothing. Competition in the press is a good thing in my view. I personally do not read Breitbart stories but the WaPo authors thinks they are dangerous. After all the “fake news” the WaPo puts out everyday I think they simply have brainwashed themselves as to what the real news is. Propaganda all in my view. Of course the owner of the paper hates Trump but they deny a “conflict of interest”. Sure, right.

100 days in, Trump has gotten a lot of things done that I like. He has 29 pieces of legislation he signed and as many Executive Orders. Most are to reign in the out of control federal government and their regulatory agencies. These have smothered our country. And finally he has a full cabinet. The democrats tried their best to deny him his picks and he has prevailed again. Many, if not all of his picks are successful people from the private sector. This is freaking out the left who seem to like the pliable political types in government. I recall Obama appointing Janet Napalitano as Homeland Security Secretary. In my opinion totally unqualified and sipmply a political hack. And what a joke she was. But she was so incompetent she was then hired by California to run our colleges and look at that mess she has created here. These political types have no real world experience in hiring and firing and are never held accountable for budgets and outcomes. They just get promoted. Obama never fired anyone in charge of the IRS or the State Department and that signal was quickly recognized by the bureaucracy. You can get away with anything as long as it screws a Republican.

I think all these marches and rallies and protests against Trump and his voters will backfire. It already is. People are tired of these idiots and their upheavals. Stability of the country is at risk. The left is anti-police, anti- military, pro big government and loves to control others. Trump is the exact opposite and his voters are as well. A clash of visions is happening and for me, Trump has the guts to stare down these lefty agitators. Having seen this up close in Berkeley the last couple of weeks, I have to say. If the democrats are hanging their hopes on these black garbed, face covered idiots running amok, then they will truly become irrelevant in our political system.

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