Submit Your Art

Submit Your Art

Use this form to send us your art. If you have many pieces of art to submit, it may be easier to email them to us. If you do, please include in your email all the info from the form below.

We are currently seeking editors who can post art directly to the site. If you are interested, please contact us.

Art Submission Guidelines

  1. We accept activist artwork from a wide variety of mediums. However, within the category of visual art, we are primarily looking for hand-made art or high quality digital art. We do not typically post social media-style opinion or info graphics, nor editorial cartoons.
  2. When submitting photos, make sure they are in focus. We often do minor color and light corrections, but there’s no way to fix a blurry image.
  3. Please make sure any images you submit are at least 700 pixels wide.
  4. Make sure the art is yours. Please don’t submit art from other people. If you want to join our collective and help post art, contact us.

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