Break The Chain Of Fake News

Break The Chain Of Fake News

Anthony Freda

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I have not watched the news or listen to Alternative talk radio for 3 weeks now, and I have never felt more free. Instead of REACTING to someone else’s politically driven narrative, I am free to explore. MSM has never been more divisive or deceptive and alternative media has become a parody of itself. We need an alternative to alternative media. We are it. We have the world at our fingertips, why let anyone tell us what to focus on? There is a myriad of fascinating people and stories out there, and Stormy Daniels is Not one of them. The obsession on the President has reached creepy proportions in both camps. I feel there are limitless possibilities now. I am free at last. Break your chains, people. And break the backs of those fake news merchants for good.

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