Kremlin Annex’ Rally

Kremlin Annex’ Rally


Activists in dinosaur suits and a shark take part in an anti-Trump protest at Lafayette Square. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

Nightly protests outside the White House began the evening that its resident made headlines in Helsinki. Now in its third week, it has morphed into equal parts demonstration, roast and dance party.

Unlike the Women’s March or March for Our Lives — single-day events attended by thousands — the modest, day-to-day rally dubbed the “Kremlin Annex” has a different flavor. Organizers welcome those who want to confront President Trump daily, at high volume.

The issues — a Supreme Court selection, family separations at the border, possible collusion with Russia — matter, they say. Which issue the protesters show up for doesn’t. “We don’t plan on stopping until Donald Trump is gone,” the group’s website says.

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