What an Amazing Year!

What an Amazing Year!

SIMA Awards

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The annual SIMA AWARDS have brought us over 1,250 films to date, including 260 films from 96 countries this year alone (watch out for the SIMA 2016 Finalist Announcement on January 12th). We curate an ever-growing screening series in Los Angeles and have developed a network of 43 international partners that host SIMA screenings and discussion forums around the globe.

To see the complete list of films we share with the world, explore The SIMA Collection and if you haven’t done so already – make sure to check out our SIMA On Demand Channel

We are currently working with SIMA Ambassadors in 20 cities around the world. These local changemakers ignite movements around social issues by hosting SIMAx Festivals in their own communities.

Our Ambassadors have hosted showcases on women’s rights, citizen journalism, environmental activism, the refugee crisis, global health, education reform and social entrepreneurship at SIMA Morocco, SIMA Manila, SIMA Johannesburg, SIMA New York, SIMA Cambodia, SIMA Nigeria, SIMA Liberia and SIMA Belgrade, to name a few! We are so excited to expand this program and are planning to double the amount of Ambassadors we collaborate with in 2016. If you or someone you know is interested in bringing SIMA films to your community, check out the program.

This year we launched The SIMA Classroom Catalogue, a curated teaching resource and collection of 60+ short documentaries that highlight international social justice issues and innovations, assisting educators in dynamically advancing cultural and global competence in their classrooms.

We’re proud to say that teachers and students in the US and the Caribbean are already loving and engaging with our content. Here’s what they say: “SIMA helped inspire my students to become responsible global citizens who are now motivated to get involved…I’ve never seen a class so motivated and inspired.” – M. Bernstein, Faculty and Chair of the Film and Digital Media Department, New Roads School | “This has shown me what real responsibility is.” – J. Wilkenfeld, Student. Our goal is to give 1,000 classrooms access to the program in 2016.

YES! We are now a registered non-profit in both the US and Germany and can finally offer tax-deductible receipts for all financial contributions that come our way. If you are able to support us with a donation (however small), know that you are investing in a growing global initiative that is changing attitudes, opening eyes, supporting courageous storytellers on the front lines of global issues, and providing invaluable media education to future change-makers. Help us scale our programs and unleash the power of impact cinema!

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